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I'm Scot
Hi there!
I have had a love of photography since I was a child. Still photography was my original passion catching those fleeting moments that can slip away and be forgotten or capturing those small things we miss in our hectic lives.


For many years photography was just a creative outlet for myself occasionally helping friends when requested. In 1989 I opened my own graphics company specializing in exhibit graphics. I was a early adopter of large format printing and it soon became apparent that many customers did not have the large digital files required for printing in the new digital age. It was than that I began offering photographic services to my customers.


In 2007 I was offered a job to leverage my project management skills from years in the exhibit business. As the exhibit business had slowed after the tragedy of 911 it was simply to good an offer to refuse. I went to work for a producer of translucent decorative panels. Although I was now the Manager of their Solutions Engineering group I still had opportunity to use my photographic skills for the company photgraphing product and installations.


In 2010 they sold the company creating an opportunity to return to my photographic passion. This time a revolution in digital cameras opened many opportunities in Video Production as well so I expanded my services. I also designed and marketed the Salamander Slider for dynamic motion while filming. Now I'm concentrating on corporate photography and videos supplying a new generation that embraces visual media like none before it.

Do you have any questions or just want to say hi?